GSE - Ground Support Equipment

GSE - Ground Support Equipment

GSE - Ground Support Equipment

About us

In 1978 the first COBUS started its service at Zurich Airport.
Although at the time it was not known by this name, it still bore all of the brand‘s most important hallmarks.
Today it is still reliably plying its trade. Since CONTRAC GmbH, now COBUS INDUSTRIESGmbH, took over production,
the COBUS has been the world‘s market leader since 1990. Today it is to be found at almost every modern airport.
Since then the flagship, the COBUS 3000, has been completed by the models COBUS 2700, 2700s, 2500 and E.COBUS.
Therefore, the COBUS family now offers the tailor-made solution for every specific transport requirement. As we are always further
developing the COBUS, we are now able to launch the models of the fourth generation! However, at the same time we guarantee an efficient
maintenance of vehicle fleets containing different generations. This ensures that your COBUS will never look worse for wear.

Main office:

Trise Kaclerovica 24a, Belgrade, Serbia, +381 11 3970 350 lok. 107, info@centars.rs


Karadjordjeva 71, Belgrade, Serbia, +381 11 2631 888,+381 64 82 555 86, salon2@centars.rs


Smederevski put 2a, Belgrade, Serbia, + 381 11 8063 555, info@centars.rs


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